Feb 22, 2024

Techub News Partners with BTC Security Lab, Bring Media Innovation in Bitcoin Ecosystem


BTC Security Lab is excited to announce its newest collaborative network addition: Techub News, a pioneering technology media company based in Hong Kong. This collaboration signifies a union of cutting-edge media technology with the evolving Bitcoin ecosystem, enhancing the lab’s mission of promoting security and innovation.

Techub News is committed to establishing itself as a leader in technology media, both in Hong Kong and globally. Utilizing the latest in Language Learning Models (LLM) and blockchain technology, Techub News is revolutionizing content production and consumption paradigms. Their approach contributes to popularizing science and technology and empowers scientific and technological innovation.

The partnership with Techub News represents BTC Security Lab’s strategic expansion into new media and technology. “Techub News brings a unique perspective on content creation and dissemination, leveraging its technological prowess to enhance the understanding and development of blockchain and Bitcoin technologies,” said Luis Loh, founder of ScaleBit/BTC Security Lab.

The collaboration between BTC Security Lab and Techub News is set to play a pivotal role in reshaping the narrative around Bitcoin and blockchain technology. With Techub News’s innovative media approach and BTC Security Lab’s commitment to security and development, this partnership is poised to drive significant advancements in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

What is BTC Security Lab?

About BTC Security Lab

BTC Security Lab, organized by BitsLab’s ScaleBit, BiHelix, Waterdrip Capital, Satoshi Lab, and co-founding members Techub News and LK Venture, focuses on enhancing the Bitcoin ecosystem’s security. As an open and collaborative platform, it invites Bitcoin experts, developers, and enthusiasts to join in fortifying Bitcoin’s infrastructure across various tracks including RGB, Ordinals, Lightning Network, Bitcoin Layer 2, Nostr, and more. The lab is dedicated to addressing security challenges and providing infrastructure tools within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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