Feb 26, 2024

Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference Hong Kong 2024 Announces Early Participants, Invites Collaboration on Tech Specification Library


BTC Security Lab is thrilled to announce the first global conference dedicated to the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem, the “Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference Hong Kong 2024 - East & West.” Scheduled for April 8, 2024, at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, this event is a key part of the “Web3 Festival 2024” in HK. The conference aims to delve deep into the advancements and technical discussions surrounding Bitcoin Layer 2, contributing significantly to the Web3 narrative.

About the Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference Hong Kong 2024

Organized by BTC Security Lab and featuring BEVM as the title sponsor, this Bitcoin Layer 2 conference is hosted by leading entities including ScaleBit and Web3CN, along with HashKey Capital, BiHelix, Techub News, and HKSTP as co-hosts. The event has already confirmed attendance from key players in the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem, including but not limited to Bitcoin Frontier Fund, EOS Network Foundation, Bison Labs, ViaBTC, BiHelix, BEVM, Merlin Chain, B² Network, Bool Network, TerpLayer, DLC.Link, AINN, AINN Layer2, PATH Protocol, Bitlayer, Web3Labs, Rooch Network, ZAN, MAP Protocol, HashKey Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Web3Port, RockTree Capital, iPollo, Comma3 Ventures, and more.


The conference will facilitate “East & West” dialogues, inviting technological leaders and industry capitals from the Bitcoin ecosystem. It is expected to welcome over 500 attendees and extensive participation from over 100 global institutions, creating a platform for idea exchange and knowledge sharing.

  • The first global offline event focusing on Bitcoin Layer 2.
  • Exclusive After Party for networking, offering rich industry resources.
  • Gathering innovative minds from the Eastern and Western Bitcoin ecosystems.
  • Launching a collaborative initiative for a Bitcoin Layer 2 Technical Specification Library.

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About the Bitcoin Layer 2 Technical Specification Library

In addition to the confirmed attendees, the conference will also officially launch the Bitcoin Layer 2 Technical Specification Library, featuring focused roundtable discussions. The preliminary work on the library has already commenced and is set to complete its framework and summarize cross-chain bridge technology and security standards by the end of March.

Led by BTC Security Labs, the library aims to promote secure standards and infrastructure in the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem. It will consist of best practices for scalability solutions, security standards, and open-source component code repositories, covering various tracks like Bitcoin Layer 2, RGB, Ordinals, Lightning Network, and Nostr. The initiative invites more builders and institutions from the Bitcoin ecosystem to contribute to the long-term prosperity of the Web3 narrative.

Key institutions focusing on the security and development of Bitcoin Layer 2, such as B² Network, BEVM, Merlin Chain, BounceBit, DLC.Link, Bison Labs, ViaBTC, Bool Network, BiHelix, Bitlayer, AINN Layer2, TerpLayer, PATH Protocol, Web3Labs, ZAN, MAP Protocol, Waterdrip Capital, iPollo, Comma3 Ventures, are already contributing. BTC Security Lab warmly invites more passionate security experts, project teams, developers, and enthusiasts to join us in building and safeguarding the future of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Contact at


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