Mar 05, 2024

BEVM Announced as Official Title Sponsor for Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference 2024


BEVM is honored to reveal its role as the Official Title Sponsor for the upcoming Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference - East & West 2024. The conference is scheduled to take place in Hong Kong on April 8, 2024, and aims to build a bridge between the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem across both the Eastern and Western blockchain sectors, assembling a distinguished cohort of blockchain experts, industry leaders, and visionaries from around the world.

The Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference 2024 is poised to be a landmark event, expected to draw more than 500 blockchain industry elites and feature contributions from over 100 leading companies globally. This unique assembly will offer participants an unparalleled platform to engage with top minds in the industry, encouraging a collaborative environment for knowledge sharing and innovation within the global Bitcoin ecosystem.

As the pioneering fully decentralized, EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer 2 that leverages BTC for gas, BEVM is at the forefront of expanding Bitcoin’s utility beyond its primary layer. By enabling DApps from the Ethereum ecosystem to function seamlessly on Bitcoin Layer 2, BEVM is not just enhancing the scalability and efficiency of Bitcoin but also enriching its ecosystem with diverse applications and use cases. BEVM’s goal to onboard 10% of Bitcoin into Layer 2 represents a bold vision for the future of blockchain technology.

The launch of BEVM’s Canary Network has already shown promising results, with over 90,000 addresses, close to 6 million transactions, and the support of more than 30 projects, signaling strong community engagement and technological robustness.

BEVM looks forward to sharing its future product plans, and insights into the Bitcoin ecosystem’s potential, and engaging in technical discussions at the conference, further underlining its commitment to advancing the Bitcoin Layer 2 space and contributing to the broader blockchain community’s growth and development.

Join us at the Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference 2024 for a defining moment in the blockchain industry. Secure your tickets today at: Looking forward to seeing you all!

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