Feb 05, 2024

ScaleBit Completes Audit of Merlin Chain's Bridge Smart Contracts


ScaleBit is proud to announce the successful completion of a security audit for Merlin Chain, with a concentrated focus on its bridge contracts. This audit marks a crucial step in fortifying the integrity of the Bitcoin ecosystem, particularly within its innovative Layer 2 framework.

Merlin Chain, a trailblazing Bitcoin Layer 2 initiative, is redefining the boundaries of Bitcoin’s capabilities. The project’s core mission is to “Make Bitcoin Fun Again” by innovating on top of Bitcoin Layer 1’s native assets, protocols, and products. A key aspect of Merlin Chain’s offering is its bridge, which connects Bitcoin Layer 1 native assets to Layer 2.

ScaleBit’s audit expertise was pivotal in meticulously assessing the security of Merlin Chain’s bridge smart contracts. These contracts are essential for the seamless operation and integration of various blockchain networks, making them critical to the platform’s overall functionality and user trust.

Luis Loh, CEO of ScaleBit, stated, “Our collaboration with Merlin Chain has been a deeply rewarding challenge, especially focusing on the bridge smart contracts that are vital for secure blockchain interoperability. It’s an honor to bring our auditing expertise to such a key area of the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

The findings and details of this audit are now available to the public, reinforcing ScaleBit’s commitment to transparency and trust in blockchain technology.

Merlin Chain Audit Report

About ScaleBit

ScaleBit, a subsidiary brand of BitsLab, is a blockchain security team that provides security solutions for Mass Adoption of Web3. With expertise in scaling technologies like blockchain interoperability and zero-knowledge proofs, we provide meticulous and cutting-edge security audits for blockchain applications. The team comprises security professionals with extensive experience in both academia and enterprise. Our mission is to provide security solutions for Web3 Mass Adoption and make security accessible for all.

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