Feb 05, 2024

Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference, East & West 2024 Coming in April in Hong Kong, First-ever Global Event Focusing on the Bitcoin Layer 2 Ecosystem


BTC Security Lab is excited to announce the world’s first conference dedicated exclusively to the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem: the Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference - East & West 2024. Set to be held in Hong Kong on April 8, 2024, this groundbreaking event is a global initiative to foster deeper understanding and integration within the Bitcoin Layer 2 sector.

Organized by BTC Security Lab and featuring BEVM as the title sponsor, this Bitcoin Layer 2 conference is hosted by leading entities including ScaleBit and Web3CN, along with HashKey Capital, BiHelix, Techub News, and HKSTP as co-hosts. It’s poised to be an exceptional assembly of blockchain experts and industry elites from across the globe, uniting innovative minds from both the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

Key Highlights of the Conference:

  • Global First: This is the first-ever global event focusing specifically on the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem, marking an important milestone in the 2024 Web3 ecosystem narrative.

  • East-West Integration: The conference offers a unique platform for gaining insights from core builders and leaders across the Eastern and Western Bitcoin ecosystems.

  • Core Resources: Attendees will have access to a wealth of resources, including capital, projects, security institutions, media, and other vital teams within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

  • After Party: An exclusive networking opportunity, allowing attendees to foster cooperation and build lasting relationships with key players in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The conference is expected to attract over 500 blockchain industry elites and showcase participation from over 100 top companies worldwide. This diverse assembly of talent and expertise will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to engage with the best in the field, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange in the global Bitcoin ecosystem.

BTC Security Lab is actively seeking partnerships and inviting blockchain enthusiasts, experts, and anyone interested in the future of Bitcoin Layer 2 to be a part of this historic event. For more information, partnership inquiries, speaker applications, or to register, visit

About BTC Security Lab

BTC Security Lab aims to fill the gaps in the Web3 industry through dedicated security research in the Bitcoin ecosystem. BTC Security Lab welcomes passionate individuals and organizations to join the journey of safeguarding the future of Bitcoin.

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About BEVM

BEVM is the first EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer 2 based on Taproot that uses BTC as gas. BEVM aims to bring 10% of Bitcoin into the L2. Now BEVM has launched the Canary Network with more than 80 thousand addresses, nearly 6 million transactions, and 20+ projects.

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About ScaleBit

ScaleBit, a sub-brand of BitsLab, is a blockchain security team that provides security solutions for the Mass Adoption of Web3. With expertise in scaling technologies like Bitcoin L2 and ZKP, ScaleBit’s mission is to provide security solutions for Web3 Mass Adoption and make security accessible for all.

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Web3CN is a professional Web3 information service platform that provides users with timely, professional, and high-quality Web3 news and data. It is dedicated to helping more people enter the Web3 space and seize market opportunities in Web3.

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