Apr 15, 2024

Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference Hong Kong 2024 - East & West Successfully Concludes with Global Blockchain Innovators


The inaugural Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference Hong Kong 2024 - East & West, a key part of the HK Web3 Festival 2024, has successfully concluded. This landmark event took place in Hong Kong on April 8, 2024, drawing over 600 developers, enthusiasts, and more than 100 institutions from around the world, focused on innovating within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Pioneering Discussions and Global Collaboration

The conference served as the first-ever global offline event centered specifically on the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem, emphasizing the integration of Eastern and Western technologies and ideas. Highlights included:

Diverse Participation: Over 60 speakers from various blockchain sectors provided in-depth insights, while the event attracted more than 600 attendees ranging from developers to blockchain enthusiasts, along with a significant institutional presence.

Innovative Themes: Topics ranged from multi-chain visions for Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions like Ordinals and Stacks, to technical discussions on EVM-compatible layers on Bitcoin’s network.

Key presentations and panels included:

  • Jullian Duran from Marathon Digital Holdings, discussing ‘A New Multichain Vision for Bitcoin’.

  • Rena Shah of Trust Machines, focuses on the expansion of Bitcoin into a billion-user market through Layer 2 solutions.

  • Fisher Yu from Babylon presented ‘Bitcoin Staking for L2s’, discussing the integration of staking protocols within Bitcoin L2 frameworks to enhance security and user participation.

  • Several panels and keynotes delved into cultural, technical, and regulatory aspects of Bitcoin Layer 2 adoption globally.

Strategic Sponsorships and Partnerships

The event boasted support from major blockchain entities, including:

  • Title Sponsor: BEVM

  • Gold Sponsors: MVC, Satoshi Protocol, Zulu Network, Supra

  • Silver Sponsors: BitReXe, QED, Conflux Network, Layer Two Labs

  • Bronze Sponsors: ZAN, TuringBitChain, Doubler, Master Protocol, Taproot, Mask Network, Citrea, Gelios

  • Strategy Partners: LK Venture, Comma3 Ventures, BlockTempo, Web3Labs, Bing Ventures, CoinStore

Looking Forward

The Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference has set a precedent for future blockchain events by providing a comprehensive platform for discussing Bitcoin Layer 2 and 3 solutions, and their potential to revolutionize the blockchain landscape. Plans for subsequent conferences are already underway, promising even greater explorations of this dynamic field. For more details on the Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference’s outcomes or future events, please visit

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