Apr 03, 2024

Zulu Network: Bridging Innovation as the Official Gold Sponsor at Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference 2024


Zulu Network is thrilled to announce its role as the Official Gold Sponsor for the much-anticipated Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference - East & West 2024. This conference is poised to be a defining event for the global blockchain community, focusing on bridging the Eastern and Western segments of the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem.

At the forefront of blockchain innovation, Zulu Network is making significant strides with its unique dual-layer approach to the Bitcoin network, fostering stability and promoting groundbreaking developments.

  • ZuluPrime, the network’s Layer 2 solution, introduces EVM compatibility to the Bitcoin ecosystem, enabling a wealth of DeFi applications. This platform not only unlocks the inherent value of BTC and BRC20 tokens but also seamlessly integrates with existing blockchain infrastructure.

  • ZuluNexus, operating as a Layer 3 solution, further extends these capabilities with a hybrid VM that supports both UTXO and account-based transactions. This innovative approach enhances Bitcoin’s foundational strengths with new functionalities, empowering developers to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of decentralized finance.

We invite you to join Zulu Network at this pivotal moment in blockchain history. The Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference 2024 promises to be a defining milestone, not just for those directly involved in Bitcoin’s Layer 2 and 3 solutions, but for the entire blockchain community seeking to explore the untapped potential of this technology.

Secure your spot now and be part of the future of blockchain innovation: We look forward to welcoming you and together embarking on a journey of discovery and advancement.

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