Jun 24, 2024

ScaleBit Completes Audit of bitSmiley


ScaleBit, a leader in blockchain security auditing, is pleased to announce the successful completion of a thorough audit of bitSmiley, a cutting-edge protocol operating under the Fintegra framework on the Bitcoin blockchain. This audit reaffirms bitSmiley’s commitment to providing secure and robust decentralized financial services.

BitSmiley is a protocol based on the Bitcoin blockchain under the Fintegra framework. It consists of three main components: a decentralized overcollateralized stablecoin protocol, a native trustless lending protocol, and a derivatives protocol. These components work together to provide a comprehensive financial ecosystem on the Bitcoin blockchain, enhancing its functionality and utility in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

The detailed findings from the audits are publicly available, providing transparency:

About ScaleBit

ScaleBit, a subsidiary brand of BitsLab, is a blockchain security team that provides security solutions for Mass Adoption of Web3. With expertise in scaling technologies like Bitcoin Layer 2, Zero-Knowledge proofs, and blockchain interoperability, it provides meticulous and cutting-edge security audits for blockchain applications. The team comprises security professionals with extensive experience in both academia and enterprise.

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